Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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EarthTribe Gather: Outline for a New Mythology. 
Composition in verse with 21 drawings.
  A return to the mythologies of the Earth around the globe, 
past and present, that are written in the stars.
    As we watch with wonder 
the movements of stars and planets through the night, 
and listen to the voice of our planet, through her wind, her rocks, 
her water, and the fire of Her Life, 
we can re-imagine thoughts from ancient sources 
into a picture for our planet as She faces Her climatic transformation. 
The reader tells the story. The reader creates the New Mythology. 
     If you would like to have a copy, 
please contact the author at
    To take a look at the precursor  version of  this book, 
published in 2012 under the title 
The Gathering of the Tribes of the Earth, 
 That book has 58 drawings and  expanded versification.
That was the block of wood from which I polished the 2014 version.
That book is also available directly from me.
Included on this blogspot are all the images from these books,
as well as verse from the  first  several pages of the 2014 version.
The pictures were originally hand drawn 
in black ink on heavy drawing stock.
Then digitally colored with Photoshop and Bryce3D.
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