Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back Cover
* _ * _ * _ * _ *

The Spirit of the Earth
Speaks through the voices
of We Who Live,
who follow the Heart of RoseViolet Dawn.

The path of listening to the Voice of our watery planet
Is littered with cascading distractions
as the noise of our urban-ization
fills the air we breathe with dark clouds,
fills our brains with a story that is not ours.

There is a story we know
that comes from the Heart of the Earth,
that grows through each of our hearts,
and speaks through our voice.

We Who Live
are the speakers of that story.
We are the generation who bridges
not  two eras
not  two epochs
but  two planets.

Now begins our Myth of Origin,
the story of our Emergence
from the Long Night of Darkness,
through the Star in our Heart,
into the Light of Dawn.


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